Was 9/11 Planned Before The TWC got Built?

I wanted to make this post on the anniversary of a very heinous act of violence against people who were unarmed. I remember 9/11/01 vividly and it seemed like a dream. I really didn’t know how to react at first. Before I go on, I am praying for all the soldiers who are away from their loved ones and fighting for what people think is freedom. Who’s responsible for 9/11? More on that in the next post. Before anyone thinks I am against the soldiers. No, I’m not. I’m against war itself. I hope and pray that the war ends so the soldiers can be home with their loved ones, where they belong. When I speak of soldiers, I don’t just mean American, I mean all nations.

Back to this post. Was 9/11 predicted before 2001? Yes it was. I know some may read this and have seen the images and heard about this before. I want to post this for people who are now aware of the planned attack on 9/11/01. The “terrotists attacks” on 9/11 was planned long before the towers were even built. Yes that’s right you read it correctly. Here’s a cartoon from 1948 featuring Porky Pig and a dog. Now Mel Blanc was the guy who did most of the voices on the Warner Bros. cartoon. He did the voices of Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Bug Bunny to name a few. He does the voice of the dog in this cartoon. Now go see this clip of a dog whose face gets weird, his ears form the letter T, and he describes the “Towers” falling and the panic that will ensue as the “Towers” are falling.

I wanted to start off with that because the TWC wasn’t built and opened until the 1970s. So you have a 1948 cartoon predicting 9/11? My guess, and this is only a guess, but there are probably silent films, radio shows, and plays before 1948 predicting 9/11.

Hollywood, connected to the Illuminati, has been predicting  9/11 in movies, cartoons, and tv shows through out the years. Here’s a vid for proof.

Even pro wrestling predicted the 9/11 attacks. Here we have Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan discussing a match in 1989. However, their description is like that dog in the cartoon. They are describing the”Towers” crumbling.

The point here is that Hollywood don’t just make movies and such to entertain, but also to send subliminal messages, promote the Antichrist, mock God, and to distract the masses from the plans of a one world government.

Here are some other pics of 9/11 being predicted. From movies like The Matrix, Die Hard, to cartoons like The Simpsons, Johnny Bravo, and even cartoons/comics like X-Men and Spiderman.

Simpsons-9-11 x-men



I mean seriously 9/11 was even predicted on U.S. Bills.

pentagon moremon

I found this pic on a website. This is an album cover of a group called Coup and their album has them posing in from of the TWC as they’ve been hit.

the coup

This is not even the original cover. The first cover had them posing in front of the TWC after they fell. This album was released in 2001 after 9/11, but this cover was changed because complaints that it looked too much like 9/11. Ummmm yes that was the record label’s point!

Before I go, I want to say that other attacks, like the attack at that movie theater in Colorado was predicted in Batman. Other attacks have been as well. There is supposed planned attacks on NYC involving flooding. This has been predicted in movies such as Day After Tomorrow and even on the newest U.S. Bills. I hope this don’t happened. I want to be wrong. I want other people who predict this to be wrong too!

Here’s another clip of 9/11 planned. There are many of these on youtube.




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