Eminem Dead and Replaced with Double?

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Here’s a brief intro/summation of what you will read below on Eminem is dead:


eminem1999 R.I.P. to Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem (1972-2005? or 2006?). Before I explain, no I’m not crazy or have I lost my mind although some will think otherwise. Simply put I no longer see the world through my eyes. Thanks to Jesus, I see the world through God’s eyes. I pray that the Holy Ghost opens the eyes to all Christians so we can see the world through God’s eyes and not our own. Our (mankind) sin natures and Satan has blinded our eyes to the truth. Satan has no power over Jesus, so seeing the world through His eyes is what I desire for all people, not just Christians because Jesus is perfect and all-powerful. Anyways back to my point. The man known as Eminem is dead. The guy claiming to be Eminem is a double, look alike, imposter, impersonator, or whatever. Why do I say this? Keep reading….. Remember when the rumor came out that rapper Craig G wrote all the “battle raps” in 8 Mile? Hollywood hurried up and said that he wrote some of the raps, but not Em’s. Truth is Craig G wrote all the battle raps including Eminem’s because the fake Eminem starred in 8 Mile, not the real one. It was the real Em’s songs for the movie soundtrack. Also the fake Eminem did the videos for other songs “Like Toy Soldiers” and “How Come” for example while Eminem was still alive. Remember skinnier head and no piercings. Why do I also say Em is dead?

Rapper Lil Wayne tweeted this message 2 years ago: “R.i.p. Rabbit” Don’t believe me? Here’s the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/liltunechi/status/346464757555011585 Why would Wayne tweet that with no explanation to his followers on Twitter? People claim it’s a tweet honoring his stepdad Rabbit. It could’ve been. What if it’s not? Also rapper Canibus in the song “Dead by Design” (2010) said this line: “What are you going to do when they (the Illuminati) murder me on some Eminem and L s***?” This was not a diss song. That’s the only time Eminem is mentioned. Now some may speculate the other rapper Canibus mentioned is LL Cool J when he says “L” in that line. He could’ve been. If that’s the case, then I maybe wrong since LL Cool J is still alive and not replaced, as far as I know. However I believe that Canibus was talking about Big L, a Harlem rapper, killed in 1999. It is believed that he was a blood sacrifice for Cam’ron. The story they (the Illuminati) spun is that L died over street beef. If I am correct, why is Canibus mentioning Eminem in a line in which he’s talking about a dead rapper? Canibus is talking about the Illuminati and Hollywood in this song. Here’s link to song:


Remember Eminem loved his daughter Hailie Jade. Why are there no recent pics of the 2 of them together? Google it, search the web, pics of Em and his daughter are old. Hailie is 18 now! By the way, in the song Airplanes pt II, Eminem is not rapping in the 3rd person about himself….he’s dead. Instead it’s the fake Em rapping about the real Em in past tense. Go listen and pay attention to the lyrics. Just because he’s rapping faster now don’t mean the lyrics are better than before. They are not. He’s pretty good, but not better than Marshall. So when did Eminem die? He died in either in 2005 or 2006 is my guess. Has anyone heard of “Public enemy #1”? It was on Em’s The Re-Up released in 2006. He has a bunch of features on the album. My point is in the song he’s talking about his impending disappearance and murder. He mentions in the song that the FBI will remove his files. Check it out it’s a weird song. Link:


Also on the LP listen to “No Apologies” which sounds like a goodbye song. In the song he mentions he will be assassinated. In the 3rd verse he mentions how the fake Eminem will have mastered his skills and replaced Em after he’s killed. Link:


Also in the song, you can hear the fake Eminem rapping after the real Em’s 3rd verse! In the song “Evil Twin” you can hear 2 Eminems. emnopierce                  imagesHLMOMD9V

In the 2 pics above, it’s the fake Eminem. He tried the blonde look, but couldn’t get it as blonde as the original Marshall Mathers, so the Illuminati scrapped the look for him.

Before I go, take a look at the very popular “Lose Yourself” video from the 8 Mile Movie soundtrack. It’s the original Eminem’s voice and lyrics. However, the double is in most of the video. Check out the last verse, all of a sudden the “real Eminem” is seen rapping with his blonde hair, chubby face, smaller chin, earrings, etc.; things that the “fake Eminem” don’t have. The fake Eminem has a skinnier face, bigger chin, and no ear piercings.

Update: apparently YouTube had removed this video from my blog. I don’t get paid for this blog so I have not violated any copyright laws. Am I telling the truth? Why remove this vid? Also there’s some cryptic lyrics on the song “Bad Guy” from the fake Em’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 which was brought to my attention. Here’s the link to the song with lyrics:

I will start first with the end of the song. At the end of this song, Matthew Mitchell, fake Em’s real name, says “As we pick up where the last Marshall left off”. To a naive Eminem fan, it’s just a lyric. With Hollywood they don’t just do things as a coincidence, they have a purpose. Since the Illuminati controls Hollywood, music industry, and the entertainment industry worldwide, they put satanic messages and rituals in their music and so on. They disguise it as entertainment. Back to this song. He also says “Eminem killed by M&M, Matthew Mitchell, b**** I even have your initials”. Why say this? This is the Illuminati’s way of telling a hidden truth, but since it’s disguised as “entertainment” people will ignore it and dismiss it. Whether this Matthew Mitchell actually killed him or not is debatable. I wouldn’t be surprised though. This whole album seems like a “diss” to the real Eminem who is deceased. Just check out the lyrics for yourself. I expect YouTube to remove this vid too. They want Em fans to stay blind to the truth. There will be skeptics who’ll say “Matthew Mitchell is the litter brother of Stan, so it’s a character”. You maybe right. What if I’m right? Remember in the song Stan there were no mentions of a last name unlike Eminem’s “Ken Kaniff” character he made up on earlier albums. So why a last name now?

The Illuminati and their media love to lie to the masses. Most of America and the world still believe the twin towers were hit by planes or the Jews are the Israelites. Neither of which is true. By the way, this isn’t the first time a “double” used his real name while posing as a dead celeb. The fake Paul McCartney, William “Billy” Shears has done this for years. Research this matter for yourself. Be sure to check out my eBook which exposes how the Illuminati uses rap music to promote agendas like homosexuality and other things, including more on Eminem:

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92 comments on “Eminem Dead and Replaced with Double?

    • Brother you’re right I love eminem he is my number 1 rapper but 2005 to 2009 they look different and the fake eminem sounds too “perfect”


    • Mathew Mitchell is Stans little brother. I like the points you made but the song Bad Guy is part 2to stan. Eminem killed by M and M. Mathew Mitchell. Bitch i have your initals. Initially i was going to bury you with my brother(stan) and the two voices is just a reverb affect


    • I was so upset last night praying to Jesus this beaitiful life got snuffed out and the world couldnt see.. Seeing the fake guy is so obvious he makes me mad every time I see Him.. Your not the only Holy Ghost Spirit filled Truth filled one watching… Grieves me how sick the entertainment industry has become…. Rip Marshall…


      • You are right Annika, I’m not the only believer of Christ who knows about Eminem’s death. I just pray more of us would know as well as the rest of the world. With that said, thanks for the feedback. Your comments are appreciated. May God bless you.


    • Huge Eminem fan , I even notice the difference … that part that has me is , why in the video “monster , at the very end it’s shows the real Eminem in a cage ? And shows him throw My lyrics at the double , the one in the cage looks like the real eminem


      • I had never paid much attention to that part in the video Monster. I will make sure to look at that more closely. Thanks for the feedback, Eric. Have a blessed day!


      • The cage (I think) represent being trapped By the illuminati and the “real Eminem” look is probably lighting and angling but there’s a good chance im wrong just like everyone else… I guess nobody will ever know the true answer so well just carry on considering our opinions or the thoughts of others as answers


  1. I am sorry that you are amused. You are entitled to your own thoughts. Are you familiar with the term “old recordings”? If you can prove to me that “Evil Twin” was officially recorded after 2006, then you may have a case. I’m talking about the date it was recorded, not released. I mean the date when their vocals (both real and fake Em) were recorded. This is not the first artist to be replaced and have their “old recordings” mixed in with the replacements new material. This aids in fooling the masses.

    Did you know this happened with someone like Paul McCartney? The original Paul was killed and replaced in 1966. On songs released after, there are 3 Paul’s on them. For instance, it’s believed that there are 3 Paul’s on the Beatles album “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club”.

    Researchers Gabriella Carlesi and Fracesco Gavazzeni prove Paul was replaced. Carlesi is a forensic pathologist and forensic odontologist. She specializes in the identification of people by their skull features as well as teeth. Gavazzeni specializes in computer analysis. In 2008 they decided to research about the Paul being replaced conspiracy. They originally were skeptics trying to dismiss the claims. Their findings were published in the July 15, 2009 issue of Wired Italia, the Italian issue of U.S.A.’s Wired.

    Their findings were that the Paul after 1966 wasn’t the same Paul physically. God bless and have a nice day.


  2. such ill-supported crap. The writer didnt even know that the original eminem didnt have blonde hair, it was dyed. even his eyes were’nt really blue. Also, based on the context, the obvious interpretation of canibus’s line was that many listeners feel that Em and LL killed him during their respective beefs. To suggest anything more than that is just reaching. Even in the unlikely case the writer was correct, his evidence was flimsy. this article was a waste of time.


    • I appreciate the feedback. You have a right to your own thoughts. I repeat about the Canibus song, he’s talking about Big L, deceased Harlem rapper, not LL. There’s more than one rapper with L in his name. Canibus wasn’t being figurative. He was literal. He was talking about the Illuminati. Yes I’m aware he didn’t have blond hair. Thanks for stating the obvious. I was implying his “stage” look. Honestly unless the “fake” Eminem comes to your house and tells you he is a double and shows you a pic of Marshall Mathers’ dead corpse, you wouldn’t believe me or anyone one else who told you. Question: when was the last time you saw Em with his daughter in public? God bless and have a nice day.


  3. Yea I agree with you.Anyone that has ever had ear piercings knows no matter how long the earrings have been taking out,there will always be small hoes in the lobe,they don’t just disappear and like yes he tells everything in his songs and they know it and are throwing it in everybody’s face and still only few really know what’s going on.Thats why things are like they are cause people are not seeing what’s going on or are in denial….


  4. Honestly the reason for his change in appearance after a while was due to the fact he was on drugs for a time. Relapse and encore are basically the albums he were on drugs. On the recovery was when he made his return and then had a skinnier appearance. I’m not gunna dig as deep as too lookin up recording dates and all that but believe this is the really eminem or Marshall. I understand your opinion just had to get that straight.


  5. Clones exist and em either had plastic surgery or really died 4 years of not being heard from then he is back that’s some intense rehabilitation


  6. I don’t know wether to believe or not….he and his daughter might not been together as much because she is grown up…but the recovery album really seems like the real one only the mmlp2 is freaking me out…not because of his appearance but his lyrics seems like the old him not the one we see in recovery


    • Well Rob you don’t have to take my word for it, but pay close attention to him. Research this matter for yourself. If someone had told this to me a few years ago, I would have said they were crazy. Hey I was once one of the biggest Eminem fans out there. He just hasn’t been the “same” since the Re-Up Album, which was probably his last. If anything you hear from Em sounds like him from years ago, it’s probably old and unreleased material.


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  8. I think eminem is still alive because the four years or so he had off. he was doing drugs. eminem is the best rapper i know the voice still sounds alike.


    • Well you make valid points Dantae and you could be right. However, think about how certain comedians can pull off great impersonations. Sometimes they sound just like the person they’re impersonating. Just giving you something to think about. Thanks for reading my post.


  9. i agree with you because i started listening to eminem 4 yrs ago and when i watch some of his 2000 music videos the eminem i saw there was different from this eminem now adays and he mostly dont call hailie on his songs and they dont take pictures together most at times


  10. Thank for the read up – good solid points.and yes parts do seem odd here and there.and your right he is not the first nor the last to be replaced for mind control over mass.


  11. Hi.
    Very interesting read here. I’m a researcher and having spent the last five years sifting through all the evidence involved with the P.I.D (Paul is dead) theory, I’d say it is a definite possibility that someone has taken the place of Marshall Mathers, as someone did with Paul McCartney. Other notable celebs rumoured to have been replaced include John Travolta, Mariah Carey, Keith Richards and more. I’ve always been a fan of Eminem since the SSLp and recently felt a little disgusted that he was collaborating with the likes of the Satanic whore Rihanna. The real Eminem would never have sold out like tha5 in my opinion so you may be onto something. I’m going to put a lot of energy into researching this as I feel it could be fruitful. Thank you. Stay awake.


    • You welcome Dr. Robert. Yeah I’ve heard about some of those as well. The Mariah Carey one is new to me. I’ve heard that the entire Beatles group was replaced. As for Eminem, he, like probably all musical artists & entertainers, sold their soul to Lucifer. This include Gospel and Christian artists too. Remember, Eminem did the live performance with Elton John. So you stay awake and be aware that when these celebs sell their souls, they do all kinds of weird satanic sex rituals including same-sex, group sex, beastiality. Have a nice day!


      • Cordell, maybe if you were to view it in a different light you would change your mind. I think that Eminem, The Beatles, the 27 club etc REFUSED to conform to the powers that be, and ultimately ‘sell their soul’. I suspect that’s the reason they were replaced. I also suspect that the rumours of accidental deaths are false. If my speculations are correct, it would be more likely they were ‘suicided’/murdered. All these people were extremely talented and influential in their art, and to the people. These people/bands will then be infiltrated and forced/coerced to further an agenda. With The Beatles, I think the agenda was to increase popularity in drug culture. You had ‘Faul’ (not Paul) McCartney advocating LSD, which is the most powerful mind altering substance known to man, and an ideal tool to instill control. It’s also said LSD was engineered as part of the MK Ultra programme. What better way to tempt the masses that to have one of the biggest stars on the planet practically promote it. Eminem was also a massive star would’ve been used for the same thing… To further an agenda. I’m not sure yet what that agenda is but I’ll look into it and look for some kind of pattern. I’m under no illusion to what these elite sociopaths are capable of, and I’ve done extensive research into Occultism, Symbolism, Zionism, Masonry, Crawley, CIA/MK Ultra, Tavistock, Process Church etc etc. It’s imperative that we all wake up to what really goes on in the world…
        Peace to all.


    • As of this early morning I have become highly interested in celebrity cloning and the causes of death towards celebrities (Thanks to this great blog), when I hear a celebrity die I know it’s always a murder and not a self suicide (I have great speculation about Robin Williams’ death, Aaliyas death and band members of Lynyrd Skynyrds deaths.). The rich will always rule the world. They always have. (illuminati and the rest of them) I’m very interested on reading more of your work, if you can hit me up with a way of contact or some links for more of your work that’d be perfectly great Dr.Robert!


      • Hi Maple.
        It’s refreshing to have someone take an interest in what I do. Usually, and I can include those closest to me in this, when I try to bring subjects such as this to their attention, I’m vilified, mocked, called crazy, paranoid and a ‘conspiracy theorist’ who needs to ‘up my meds’. But, to have even one person want to listen makes it all a little less futile. For that I give you many thanks. Thank you.
        I eventually opened my eyes and my mind to the ‘real world’ in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and since then have lost countless hours, days, weeks, years, relationships, friendships and family over the things I was desperately trying awaken these people to. All I hoped for is for me to help them to help themselves. For to make them aware that nothing is ever what it seems, that everything that happens does so because it was SUPPOSED to happen, that they’ve been lied to their whole lives and most importantly, there is no such thing as coincidence. Well, not as far as the powers that be and subsequently the media are concerned there isn’t. Over the years I’ve trained myself to question everything. I watch the news and read the papers, not to keep up with current affairs, but to highlight each lie and bullshit story these treasonous pieces of shit try to force feed us en masse. And in that time I’ve concluded that in my earlier years, my whole knowledge base, education and beliefs were nothing but western propaganda aimed at keeping us compliant, under control and living a life in fear.
        The human race as a whole need deprogrammed, and with people like yourself noticing small details such as the changes in Eminem, Paul McCartney, Aaliyah and many, many other people of note, is a step in the right direction towards mental deprogramming. I’ve never been taken in by theories, and until I’ve thoroughly went over all the evidence supporting any theory, I remain skeptical to it. I do, however, believe my eyes and if I see evidence that something isn’t right compared to the official narrative, then that narrative becomes a lie. For example, if you disbelieve in ghosts, but then saw one with your own two eyes, surely that would change your belief in ghosts. If you disbelieve in what you’ve seen, you’re either in denial or are too frightened to face the truth.
        Unfortunately, I tend not to publish too many of my findings online so I can’t provide you with links to my research. This is due to the fact that although what I write I firmly believe, the majority of people simply aren’t ready to come to terms with the ‘real world’. It’s a travesty but in reality, most are way too controlled to accept a different view to what the are told. I’ve always been an advocate of the written word and I do have stacks upon stacks of folders, filled with hard copies of my notes and theories that I would love to bring to the attention of the world, but the timing has to be right or there is simply no point. I can provide you with a few links to some amazing researchers and alternative media journalists who I’ve taken inspiration from, and who I’ve based a lot of my own research from. They’ve all been carefully vetted by myself in order to weed out shills and misinformation agents, as the alternative media is awash with such cretins, so the information will be good and pretty close to conclusions I’ve reached myself.

        Tina Foster – Plastic Macca blog. Dealing with the subject of Paul McCartney and his murder/replacement, as well as the theory that all The Beatles were murdered/replaced.
        Sun King – The King Is Dead blog. This also deals with the replacement of Paul McCartney, but also has a plethora of information on celebrity doppelgangers, imposters and clones.
        Chris D Spivey – AM journalist and blogger. He deals with all the lies that we are told through the MSM, the government, the education system, false flags, corrupt police and social services. Very interesting reading.
        Richard D Hall – Rich Planet YouTube channel. Extremely good journalist with many in depth documentaries on missing persons, the human and animal mutilation mysteries, aliens and corruption in the government.
        Danielle La Verite – blogger and general pain in the ass to anyone who is a bit shady. She makes videos asking such people very difficult questions, mainly the questions these people refuse to answer.

        Again, thanks for your interest and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. If you seek any further information, don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do what I can to help. Take care. Peace be with you all.
        Dr Robert.


      • Dr. Robert, I should have said this to you sooner. I encourage you to post about your research whether it’s making a YouTube video or a blog about this. Don’t let the naysayers discourage you. There are people who would want to know. Hey people have called me racist, crazy, racial slurs, curse words and so on. I’m not letting that get to me. I’m ignoring it. Besides you should know this too, the Illuminati has their “agents” trolling sites to cause a “stir” to make people like us seem crazy or not credible. So please reconsider this. We need more people sharing the truth. Have a blessed day!


  12. I agree Now that I’ve read this it make so much sense , Eminem’s songs haven’t been the same for a very long time. I never thought they had the ability to replace people.I wish more people could understand the control the media has over us i mean im only 15 but im blessed enough to see the corruption , the brainwashing, the programming especially in our youth . they feed of of our ignorance and many are too blind to see it, too busy worrying about what outfit niki minaj was wearing to the BET awards or when the next I phone is coming out to see the answers sitting right in front of us but I digress .so if they can replace people than why wouldn’t they just assassinate and/or replace these celebrities who openly speak out against them such as katt williams ,dave chapell , martin larence ETC . martin larence does look different now, i might look into that more. you have a great blog , i wish people like you could reach out to even more people . god bless you man.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Pheonix. You are wise beyond your years. You are absolutely right, it’s a blessing to see the corruption. I am amazed for you to be only 15 and to be aware of such things. Wisdom is a blessing from God and you have indeed received it from the Holy Ghost. Wow! At 15, I was one of those youth you mentioned, into the latest trend or song or fashion. I was almost twice your age now (28) when I finally became aware of how evil the world is. I too have been wondering about Dave Chappelle and Martin Lawrence. I haven’t thought about Katt Williams. That’s something we both should look into. As for Dave, it seems mighty convenient how he went to Africa, came back, was supposedly done with Hollywood, now back in Hollywood. Then I remember when Martin went crazy, was in the streets of L.A. talking about “they are trying to kill me”, and now acting like it never happened. Anyways, I digress. If you could share this post about Eminem with people you know who might be interested, I’d appreciate. As for you, keep seeking Christ for comfort, love, support, guidance, and wisdom. God has a purpose for you and your life. Don’t be afraid of it. Just embrace it. Thanks again for the inspiring comments. May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly.


  13. Hello again.
    Reading back over my last post it seems to come across a little curt. That was not my intention and I apologise. I was merely trying to offer another plausible theory on the matter. I’ve often found that the more information and theories put forward on a certain subject, the more likely we are to reach the truth. I’m willing to share with you any findings or new evidence I can produce regarding Em’s replacement, to help us get closer to a solid conclusion. On first impressions I’d definitely say he’s been switched for an impostor, and that’s without having spent any real time on the subject. It’s there to see in photographs. Again, thanks for bringing this to my attention Cordell. Peace to all.


    • You welcome. All is fine. I’m sure I probably gave you the wrong impression of myself. I’m researching this like you are. We actually agree more than disagree. I thank you for bringing certain things to my attention like Mariah Carey. I had not even thought about Mariah. Have a blessed day sir!


      • Yeah, I believe Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Mottola, who is a boss at Sony Records, who are a subsidiary of the Disney Corporation, who are a massive Satanic entity, and are responsible for subliminally sexualising our children. Judging by the circles she moved in early in her career, I believe it’s a distinct possibility that it’s true. Unfortunately for people like us, there is a massive difference between what we know to be truth, and what we can prove as truth. Take care.


      • Yeah you are right about that Dr. Robert. All we can do is to help wake up the masses. If the majority of people wake up to the truth, the Illuminati will have a huge problems on their hands lol. You have a nice day sir!


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  15. Bad guy and his newest album alot of proof. the end of the song,

    “As we pick up the last Mathers left off.

    I myself do not believe in any of this, but it is fun to think about. Please do not kill me Illuminati


  16. Thank you so much . Its sometimes scary to see the things I see at such an age but god continues to strengthen me,its hard to comprehend how humans can victimize each other in such a way not just from the Illuminati but everywhere,I actually thought about starting my own blog about these issues in our society today, anyway I will be sure to keep my eyes open and share this site in any way I can.


    • You welcome! I’m glad you liked my post. You should indeed start your own blog. Your blog will be a benefit to soooo many people. It could be apart of your ministry. A blog can be for people today like Apostle Paul’s teachings were in his letters. My blog is apart of my ministry. So seek Christ in prayer on how to go about doing your blog and continually seek Him for strength, guidance, and comfort. So once again I encourage you to start your blog. You will have an impact on many people’s lives. Thank you for the kind words. May God bless you abundantly.


  17. hey @cordell79 and others… I am back its been a while since i droped a comment here and i am so sorry for the wait.. So the thing i have got to say is, the by the things i heard that eminem died in 2006 and the stuff someone said about 8mile being shot in 2002 and the battle lyrics werent written by em..as i read through it something hit me ….it could be that this illuminati,freemason and the rest operate like this., when they find out that you are gonna be a star with the talent you have and they want you to join them it may be that they create a clone of you while you are still alive , and that clone would be producing tracks as well as you with your knowledge of it so that when they get rid of the original person , the clone takes over okay look at it from this angle . The eminem you saw on the movie 8mile and the one you saw on the video of the real slim shady .. They are a lot different plus the way the raps were on the simultaneous list mentioned as well as if you noticed when beyounce was cloned was on that song she sang with jayz and got trapped in a car that later exploaded and another beyounce came from the left side of the screen to meet jayz i just hope you understand what i mean … And you cant just say because hailie is all grown up thats the reason eminem can not take photos with her another point here is look at MOST OF THE TOURS AND VIDEO HE MADE DURING HIS PRIME THE way he moves in the screen aint the same. And they aint no reson eminem wouldnt do some shit with d1t on the devils night mixtape and later rush back to do an intro , the real eminem took d12 as the only family he had while this one dosent even care .. I just wish you could see things the way i see them thanks


    • You welcome. I sort of get what you are trying to say. Yeah I agree with certain points. There was a TRL clip of Eminem and doubles. That was back in 2000. Not to mention the song “The Real Slim Shady” where people were dressed like him. It’s my belief there were a clone or2 in the video and probably the VMA performance. I get what you were telling me about Hailie. All I was saying s there are no recent pics of Em and Hailie anywhere. Doesn’t that seem strange? I appreciate your feedback though.


  18. Although while it is possible to do something like that I HIGHLY doubt this is the case. People change as they get older so of course the songs he come up with would too. Nor to mention … . situations. His songs he made when he first came out were meant to do 1 THING AND one thing only…..Piss people off. And shock people with the things he said thereby increasing his fame. There was no one like him at the time(who else you know that would make a song talking about flying planes and blowing everything up except Afghanistan a few months after 9-11?). Songs like that wouldn’t have as big of impact now as they had back then, so of course he would try and find a new formula. As for the way his appearance changed…being an ex-drug addict I can tell you that something like that is very common with drug use. The Hailey thing you have to realize that she is grown up now…and she is probably tired as being seen as Eminems daughter instead of just Hailey. ..which would explain the 2 points you brought up. But their is always a chance you could be right and I could be wrong…and I think a big problem with the world these days is not enough people keeping an open mind about things, so I thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions with everyone. God bless you too and keep doing your thing:p. Fyi though…you don’t HAVE to be making money off something for copyright violations…your just more likely to if you are.


    • True about the copyright violations. My point was why remove it? Especially when YouTube promotes sharing vids. Anyways, I appreciate your feedback. I’m glad you are off of drugs. I know of a few people myself who used to be on drugs and now are off. That’s a miracle and a blessing! Have a blessed day.


  19. In the bad guy song, it’s not a new Eminem rapping about an older Eminem that you think is dead, it’s em rapping as if his Matthew stan’s younger brother…

    Verse 1
    (your right back on it reminding me all over again how you fucking just brushed me off and let me do burnt, This refers to when Eminem brushed off Matthew and his brother outside the concert in Denver)
    (spent a lot of time trying to soul search, Matthew spent so much time thinking about Stan and Eminem’s role in his death that it left him burnt out and exhausted. He was 6 at the time, 19 now, and has finally come to a conclusion on what Em’s fate should be…)

    Verse 3
    (Eminem killed by M and M Matthew Mitchell b!tch I even have your initial, Matthew is a symbol of the past that Eminem can’t escape. The idea that a character from one his most critically acclaimed songs is killing the present-day Eminem is symbolic of how his new music is always going to be compared to his first albums.)

    the Eminem thats alive and the Eminem that’s dead are the same person, eminem is talking about his music.

    (New Plan Stan, Matthew planned on burying Eminem alive, but his reckless driving attracted the attention of the police. Since he can’t kill Eminem the way he initially intended with the police on his tail, he has to improvise, and comes up with a “new plan” to drive off a bridge, killing them both)


    • That’s what the fake Eminem and the record label wants you to think. Eminem is not the only celeb to have been replaced. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney, to name a few have been killed and replaced with doubles. You see the Illuminati does put symbolism in their music and movies, but it’s sinister and satanic. In Em’s case his death is more than symbolic but real. Just research it yourself. I appreciate the feedback. Have a blessed day.


  20. Jacque true that man Eminem is rapping how he changed from when he was in his 20s to now when he’s 40 it’s the Eminem we all know just a change in style in music because his anger has calmed down and he has finally learned how to control it instead of calling ppl out and hating.
    Yeah his music today is always going to be compared to older music no matter what. Which is understandable.
    I’ve looked up this and the conclusion I’m at is that ppl are overthinking this and until it’s COMPLETELY CONFIRMED I’m not gonna believe it.
    And what’s so strange about him and his daughter not having recent pics, there’s a possible chance she listened to a lot of songs of his especially his song called Kim. And are not on ‘friend terms’. Maybe everyone just has to stop trying to over think things and let ppl be.
    The Eminem never died the end


  21. I love your work keep it up! and i agree with you, the eminem we see today is not the real eminem, and have you heard the song Underground from relapse 2009? in my opinion underground is a wake up call for the fans, ”A lot of people ask me where the fuck I’ve been at the last few years shit I don’t know but I do know – I’m back now” and then he says ”I’ve disappeared, you’ll wonder how looking for me, I’m underground” he says he’s buried underground, ”Dre. I’m down here under the ground dig me up,
    broken tibias fibias yeah fix me up” and here he says to dre, dig me up and fix me, and why would he say broken tibias fibias? and he says ” ’cause last year was a tragedy that landed me smack dead in rehab” it’s like his expression in his words says it all, ”where is the humanity in having a twisted fantasy with an arm and leg amputee straight jacket with a hundred eight brackets with a strap that wraps twice around my back then they latch it, Cut your fucking head off and ask you where you’re headed off to, Get it? Headed off to (haha)” this one is a little bit creepy if you ask me.. sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand my point.


  22. Ay yo you do have a lot of points there though. I mean, really, his look(his skull and head shape not his cheek size or whatever etc..) doesnt seem to fit the old ones and the only think is same as the old one is his voice. You might think it’s different, but if you played his songs really really loud, you could hear his old voice, it seems that the deep voice was just a special effect and by the way, we could change voices right? I could just immitate eminem’s, snoop’s, dr. Dre’s voice(just to name a few). And I’m just coming through as an underground rapper and sometimes I feel like I wanna give my whole career up because how scary the industry actually looks like


    • Thanks for the comments. I appreciate the feedback. As for the voice changing, our voices change as we age, but the biggest change is usually when we hit puberty. His voice was always “screechy” and high pitched, even up til his death. As for you rapping, don’t give up on your dream if that’s what you want, but the music industry is run by devil worshippers. Perhaps you could go the indie route? I’m not sure how much influence they have on the Indie labels. Hey it’s all up to you. May God bless you!


  23. I looked at the pictures of the supposed “Matthew Mitchells” and Marshall Mathers and found that there are tiny differences but they are there, like for instance the “real” Marshall Mathers have wider eyes and blonde hair, while the fake one has thin eyes and most often dark hair.

    While listening to his old songs I heard some disturbing things like for instance in Lose Yourself at 2:08 you hear him say “a New World Order”.

    And in the song Evil twin he says this at 1:30
    “Evil twin, take this beat now, it’s all you.
    I believe people can change, but only for the worse
    I could’ve changed the world if it wasn’t for this verse
    So satanic K-mart chains panic
    ‘Cause they can’t even spin back the curse words
    ‘Cause it works when they’re reversed, motherfucker
    (rape your mother, kill your parents).”

    You can barely hear the last part. Why would he say such disturbing things? Does he want you to rape your mother and kill your parents? And why would he say evil twin take this beat now? I don’t understand.

    Here is Eminem doing the satanic hand sign while covering his right eye https://goo.gl/1p6Fau. This guy is clearly controlled by the Illuminati in one way or another.

    I also have a theory that I can’t really confirm and you don’t need to believe it if you don’t want to. In 1948, Frank Wisner, appointed director of the Office of Special Projects (OSP) of the CIA started Operation Mockingbird. A plan to influence media by any means, wheter it be through music, television etc. One of the earlier songs Eminem did was called Mockingbird and became a real hit back in the days. Could he be a CIA operator influencing the music industry to achieve their wicked goals? I don’t know but it’s a pretty interesting idea though.


    • You have some interesting thoughts Philip! Yes I believe there’s some truth to what you are saying. My belief is that is the whole point of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, to manipulate the masses minds through “entertainment” while subliminally sending satanic messages like same sex marriage for example. The “celebs” are their puppets to distract us from their plans. I appreciate the feedback. God bless!!


  24. Look at his first album. It was nothing like the sslp, and he looked completely different from when he was younger during the sslp era. He took like 5 years off. Of course he’s going to look different. He got off the drugs, off course he’s gonna sound different. Its how he’s progressing. Listen to all of him. Its a progressive change, not a sudden one


    • I have to respectfully disagree. Yes people change when they get older or if they get off of drugs. The shape of a person’s skull isn’t going to change. The changes I’m referring to only plastic surgery could perhaps do that. His eyes, chin, shape of his skull are not the same. As for lyrics, I think you should pay close attention. His lyrical content is not quite as good or the same. As for the 5 years off, the replacement needed that time to better hone in his skills to fool the masses. You can take any song from Em’s albums from 1996 (Infinite) to 2006 (The Re-Up) & compare it to any songs since and his rhyming skills are different. I’m not just talking about change his style or delivery. I’m talking about wordplay within the rhymes. I appreciate the feedback.


      • you are right eminem do look different from what I’ve seen in the photos and people are dumd and do not know eminem is Trying to tell yall something and all his songs it makes perfect since eminem been dead long ago this is what iluminati do blind people from truth


  25. Your right eminem dose sound different and looks different as well everything is all in his lyrics and songs and people are so damn blind that they dont even know that hes telling you everything through his songs but yet people stupid eminem been dead of course it wont be on the news illuminati cover up shit all the time I never even seen a pic with him and his daughter at all that’s crazy shit but yeah I 100% agree with you cordell79


  26. hey there!Saw th post…must say good valid points!
    I hv got a few doubts on
    1)Why EMINEM has never discussed any this openly….it’s gotta reach his ears somehow…so why th hush??
    2)Kim too…..is she hushed up or haven’t realised wat has gone wrong with him?
    3)His Rehab centre enquiry….mayb clicks or footages of his time thr could give us a clear insight
    4)Dr Dre….his former crew members who still catches up with him may know a thing of two…so why are they silent ?

    Really want EMINEM to open up & put a rest to all these growing ‘Clone’ allegations….Hope so!


    • Well Wiz, I expect to him to comment on it probably thru his music at some point. While that will satisfy some, it will not satisfy me. With that said, thanks for the feedback. God bless and have a nice day!


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