Was Donald Trump Born A Woman?

Donald Trump

While you may think I’m using clickbait, I’m very serious, but before I get into Donald Trump being a woman, I want to establish that “she” worships the devil. Check out the pic below:


The 666 sign is a popular sign amongst the famous people connected to the Illuminati. If Donald Trump isn’t like Barack Obama, why flash the 666 sign like Obama below:


I am reminded the number 666 is the number of the Antichrist. Revelation 13:18: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

Do not birds of the same feather flock together? My point: a bird has two wings: a “left wing” and a “right wing.” You add them up and you get the same Illuminati bird:


Keep in mind that eagle symbolizes the devil and you can find that image on any dollar bill. If Donald Trump is truly against Obama and Hillary, then why is he laughing it up with them in these pics:

104374214-gettyimages-632238036.1910x1000 (1)

President Obama greets President-elect Donald Trump at the inauguration ceremonies in Washingto

download (28) (Trump Flashing Upside Down Delta Sign)


Are those the images of a “man” who hates Hillary or Obama? No! Politics are controlled by Satan and his Illuminati. We as voters are pawns in their wicked game. They tell the people what we want to hear. As for voting, it’s a scam. No citizen has ever had the right to vote. Presidents are selected by the Illuminati and not elected by the people. America has always been a dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

As for the “wall,” Donald Trump is catering to a fan base who dosen’t realize this glaring fact: a wall isn’t designed to just keep people out, but to keep people in, like a prison. Just think back to the Berlin Wall. Fact: Drug cartel, terrorist groups, organized crime, and strret gangs are all owned by the Illuminati. In other words, they create the problems, like wars, and then lie to the public about having the solution. Their primary goal: to inch the world into a one world government to be run by the Antichrist as mentioned in the bible. No one man can solve the world’s problems except the Son of Man a.k.a. Jesus Christ who is God and once took on human flesh. He solved one problem by dying on the cross. Now people have a chance at eternal life if they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. At His second coming, He will end the second problem, the devil and His Illuminati, by ending it personally. This means no more evil.

Sorry for the rant folks. I’m a little frustrated. Dealing with Obama idolaters and now Trump idolaters can be one big migraine. They are both led by the antichrist spirit, but no one wants to hear me. So I pray for them all, especially for Christians who should know better since God’s Word teaches that the world will get worse before Christ comes back to makes things better. Our roles as Christians is to do things like witness to the unsaved, warn people about the antichrist movement, visit the sick, encourage people, visit people in prison, etc. Instead we are doing things like worshipping celebs, athletes, politicians (idolatry), supporting abortion (child sacrifice, supporting homosexuality (mocks God), and celebrating holidays & birthdays (also idolatry).

Trump Is A Woman

Finally on to Donald Trump being a woman. During my transvestigation, I have come to learn certain things, and still learning by the way. Something we must know is that what we see is not what really is. What I mean is the celebs and famous and those in the Illuminati are not the gender they try to portray publicly. Strange, but true. Donald Trump is no exception. What we must realize is these people usually come from satanic families. So the devil wants them to mock God and His Word in every way possible. This includes having inverted families: when the man becomes the woman, the woman becomes the man, and the children are all inverted into the opposite gender.

For example, Donald Trump was born a female. Melania Trump was born a male. Ivanka Trump was born a male. Donald Trump Jr. was born a female. As this transvestigation continues, it appears that maybe all the Presidents in history and their families are the exact same way. Obama was probably born female, Michelle a man, Bill Clinton a female, Hillary a man, Chelsea a man, Barbara Bush a man, Laura Bush a man, George Bush Sr. and Jr. were born women, and so on. Even JFK and his family were inverted secret trannies. This has been going on for perhaps thousands of years dating back to Ancient Babylon at least and spread to other cultures.

Check out this quick video by Iron Man – Peter Parker Backup Account for insight into Donald Trump being a woman and her family:


Perhaps you are still unconvinced. Well I’ll be praying for you. As for Trump take a look at these pics:

image (1)

download (29)(Trump behind the left wing + right wing NWO Eagle)

Is that a boy or girl in the above pic? It is a little girl who calls herself Donald Trump. Donald Trump has all the characteristics of a female: the oval shaped skull, the feminine jawline, the feminine neck with no adam’s apple, the small beady eyes, no prominent browridge, small feminine hands, female sloping shoulders, female arms, female child bearing hips, and so on. She has no masculine qualities about her. Wake up people and get out of the matrix. Satan’s television and entertainment is designed to keep us distracted, blind, and confused to what’s really going on. I appreciate you all for taking the time out to read this. I just recently opened my online store Illuminati Secrets Revealed which is designed to expose the Illuminati, and bring a gathering of likeminded truthers together. I do have a Trump shirt with the phrase “Make America A Police State Again” instead of “Make America Great Again.” Here’s a pic:

Anti Trump Shirt

Anti Trump Clothing Collection

The link above is the Anti Trump Collection which has mugs, phone cases, men’s & womens shirts. Note all the long sleeve shirts & sweatshirts are all in men’s sizes. There’s a 50% discount on all items in my store until Feb 5th. Sign up to the store’s email list and continue to get great discounts all the time. Thanks and God bless.

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