What Are In Vaccines?


Do we know what are in any vaccines? Are vaccines safe? Why are we so open to taking vaccines? This will be quick and unfortunately sad. Vaccines seem to not be safe at all, but very harmful. Did you know people have died from the COVID vaccines?

CA Man Dies After 2nd Vaccine Dose

Tim Zook, 60 y/o X-Ray Technician died just a few days after taking a 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. He was excited to take it, but became ill just 2 and 1/2 hours after taking the 2nd shot according to his wife. The article doesn’t say it was the vaccine, but I’m saying it. The vaccines are not safe. Link to the article:


67 Y/O Dies After Vaccine Dose

Eddie Avitan, 67, resident of Kiryat Malachi, dies a few days after taking 2nd dose of vaccine. His friends say he felt sick after taking the vaccine and went to the hospital. He was released and died that night. So what happened? I believed it was the vaccine. Link to the article:


28 Y/O Nurse Dies After 2nd Dose

This story has gone viral. It is about a 28 y/o Wisconsin nurse who had a brain aneurysm just days after taking a 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Some, including friends and family, suspect her death was the result of taking the vaccine. Most debate this theory. According to her twin sister, some people have been censored or deleted on social media for mentioning Sara took the Pfizer vaccine. According to this article, there have been 1,170 deaths in the U.S. after the Pfizer injections, but the CDC denies they are related to the covid vaccines. Yeah right! The link to the article is below:

Healthy Doctor Dies

Gregory Michael, a 56 y/o Obstetrician in Florida, died 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine. He was considered “healthy” prior to receiving the vaccine. The CDC investigated this. I believe he died from the vaccine. The link to the article is below:


What’s In A Vaccine

Well in order to find out what I believe goes into vaccines, you’ll have to read my book “The Truth Behind COVID-19 Preview” which was banned by sites like Amazon. Just view the screenshot below for proof:

My book wasn’t the only one banned by Amazon. It’s one of many which questions the narrative on COVID. As for the vaccines, I will give one harmful substance: mercury. Yes mercury is one of the harmful substances which are in vaccines. Note: if a doctor can’t tell you exactly what’s in the COVID vaccine, then receiving one should be out of the question. I’m just saying. To find out more about this book, just click the link below for details:


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