Big Mouth Show Is Harmful To Children

Yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. I’m still working on my eBook “Illuminati Secrets Revealed Vol. 1 which I expect to finally be ready by the end of November. Anyways someone brought up the Netflix series “Big Mouth” to my attention.

The show is created by two Edomites, Andrew Goldberg & Nick Kroll. This show is harmful to children because of the language and the satanic messaging within the show. I made a video to explain my point.

Yeah this is perhaps more than what you were expecting, but pedophilia is running rampant in Hollywood, politics, and all social networks like YouTube & Facebook. So parents make sure to keep a watch on what your children are doing online. We have to be like “defensive drivers” when it comes to looking out for children. We have to look out for the predators.

Thanks for watching the video and reading my post. Please share with others. Remember: God is stronger than Satan. No one ever gets away with anything. Jesus will judge the wicked if they don’t repent of their sins and accept Christ as Savior. Have a blessed day.


Las Vegas Shooting At Mandalay Bay Is A Hoax

Las Vegas Shooting At Mandalay Bay Is A Hoax

I know people are saddened and outraged by the recent “shootings” in Las Vegas. What if the attack wasn’t even real? What if this is a big distraction to pass harsh new laws? Can you prove to me beyond a reasonable attack actually happened? Or are we seeing a “staged event” from something out of a movie? Where is the real physical evidence?

Images From The Vegas “Shooting”:




Check out this 7 min. video where I hope to cast doubts on those who believe this attack is real. Even if I’m wrong & it’s real, the Illuminati planned it and the guy is a fall guy. How many times are we going to accept their lie about a lone gun man theory? Remember JFK, MLK, Abraham Lincoln were all assassinated by “lone gun man”. Well they weren’t, but that’s the lie still told to us.



Thanks for watching the video. Feel free to share this post with others. Feel free to comment regardless if you agree with me or not. Remember: In God’s appointed time, He’ll cast Satan into the lake of fire. God bless all who read this.

Is Tim Tebow A Christian?

Is Tim Tebow A Christian?

For years I have had concerns about Tim Tebow. It started with the whole Tim Tebowing craze. Is he praying? If so, who is he praying to. Then the people and especially children seem to be not praying at all. Instead of praying to God they are treating Tebow as an idol.

Tebowing Images:

I made a video further explaining my case as to Tim Tebow not being a Christian:

Tim Tebow Is Homosexual

Just when you thought I was finished, wait there’s more. I also believe Tim Tebow is homosexual. I believe he says he is a virgin to mask his homosexuality. If a celeb like him claims to be a Christian virgin who would suspect him of being homosexual? I made another video highlighting his homosexuality with a pic proving he’s homosexual. The pic is not fake because it was after an NFL game. That’s all I’m going to say. Just check the video for proof.


I know the video was shocking to some of you, but I thank all for reading this blog as well as viewing the vids. Please share this post with others. Have a blessed day.

Possible Anti-Illuminati Book Covers!

Anti-Illuminati Book Covers!

Hello People, Sorry I have been busy trying to build up subscribers to my Youtube channel which is an extension of my blog. I hope to soon get back to posting more consistently here. If you haven’t checked my channel, here’s the link:

As for my book, a possible title is “Illuminati Secrets Revealed Vol. 1”, but I may change the title or add to the title. I have been working slowly, but surely I am making progress on the book. I hope to release it at the end of summer or fall of 2017. I have been working on possible book covers. Perhaps all of you can give me feedback & comment on which cover you like the best.

Possible Cover #1


Possible Cover #2


Possible Cover #3


Possible Cover #4


Possible Cover #5


Possible Cover #6


Possible Cover #7

So I welcome comments and thoughts, which cover you like or if you don’t like any of them. This book will be a game changer in the conspiracy theory world. I thank you for reading this post. Remember no one is stronger than the God of Israel. God bless!


Flat Earth a Mountain of Evidence


Hello folks, sorry about the hiatus. It’s been 7 months since my last post. So I thought I bring something explosive as a welcome back. There’s been a new phenomenon or conspiracy theory about the earth being flat a.k.a. Flat Earth. What is it? What does it mean? I had hope to wait longer before I posted on it because I’m new to this theory. There maybe some of you reading this who may know way more than me, but I will speak on it nonetheless. I want to start my post with NBA all-star Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving

Why Kyrie Irving? Well Cavaliers PG Kyrie made headlines a few months back on a podcast speaking about his belief in the earth being flat. Video posted by: Zup Zuke. Here’s the audio:

Unfortunately Mr. Irving also believes aliens exist which is something I don’t believe in. Then Kyrie caught a lot of heat for it online and offline and it became a huge news story. Here he is at all-star weekend sort of backtracking his original statement:

Video posted by: USA Today Sports

My theory on Irving: my theory is he really does not believe there’s a flat earth, but made those comments to create controversy especially among sports fans. We as people are guilty of idolizing athletes and all other celebrities. To idolize is to worship and idolatry goes against the Word of God. Note: this is what Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and pro sports was designed for….idolatry. Mr. Irving sold his soul to Lucifer as other athletes & celebrities so he’s a puppet because aliens existing is part of the Antichrist Movement (Illuminati) propaganda. What people are probably seeing are demonic spirits who can take the form of people or evil creatures i.e. aliens. Demonic spirits can appear to people in the form of ghosts or apparitions to usually haunt people. Angels can appear to people to deliver messages personally from God to help.

What is Flat Earth?

About 2 years ago I was introduced to Flat Earth by a video I saw by Mark Sargent who supposedly is exposing the truth about Falt Earth. Here’s a long video from him if you have the time to view:

Mr. Sargent does say things I agree with about the fact that the Flat Earth truth is hidden from the masses to hide the existence of God. Mr. Sargent is accused of being a shill and apart of the Illuminati which is why I take what he says with a grain of salt. There are plenty of vids out there or reading material on this subject. It’s up to you whether you are willing to believe this or not. Back to Flat Earth.

The theory is the shape of the earth is different from the round or globe shape we have been led to believe from the womb. The actual shape is supposed to be more flat. Think of a plate with a covering or a snowglobe for the actual shape of the earth. Look at this pic:


Why does the United Nations logo look like this? You can search their site  or anywhere and you will see the same logo. If the earth is round why use this image? If the earth is a globe the overview of the continents would not look flat.

Science & the Critics

There will be agents posing as trolls, trolls, and legit people leaving me rude and angry comments and I’ll keep them on this post to make a point. The point: if there’s zero truth to this post then why attack me so harshly? Science and NASA will say that they have the proof that the earth is a globe and people like me are dead wrong. Just look at a telescope or the satellite feeds about the earth being round. My counter: so scientists don’t lie? The media always tell the truth? With telescopes I believe they are like kaleidoscopes, it’s like looking into a looking glass. What I mean is if a person is expected to see what they have been taught then that is what we will get by looking through a telescope which are already made images locked inside of a telescope.

It may sound weird but grab a microscope lens and look at the night’s sky to see what you may actually see. NASA is owned by the Illuminati (Antichrist Movement) so of course they’ll promote the lie about the earth being round. NASA has lies too.


In the above pic are the crew from the Challenger which exploded in 1986 shortly after takeoff. The crew, including a teacher are all supposed to be dead. However, there are people walking around looking like them aged of course, with the same names and careers. How is that possible? It’s possible if you have an explosion with no one aboard, fake their deaths, and try to deny the truth. It was another Hollywood type production backed with Illuminati funding and other resources for the cover up. My point is if NASA will lie about this, what else have they lied about? How about man landing on the moon? I won’t go into detail now. What I will say is that man has never ever landed on the moon. The moon is a source of light, not some landmass. Looking at any moon landing or space exploration is like looking at a big Hollywood production movie. Matter of fact, the 1st moon landing was produced by Hollywood. It was shot in a desert like area or actual desert.

What about the other planets? What about the earth revolving around the sun? How about the earth spinning on an axis at supposedly 1,000 miles per hour? Despite scientists preaching these lies, it actually insults our intelligence and goes against common sense. Why? Imagine any rollercoaster or being on an elevator. People can feel the movement at many times less than the speed of the earth moving. If the earth did either revolve or spin we would be thrown off the so called planet. If a person has to be strapped down to rollercoasters, wouldn’t we have to be strapped or chained to not fly off of the earth? If a person spins too much and too long don’t we get dizzy and even sick? Yet on this rollercoaster called earth we stay amazingly still and not feel a thing. Reminder: the Illuminati hates and mocks Christ every chance they get so they exclude Him with their false teaching of the world being round.

By the way, there are no other planets. This is one of their many lies. This is where Hollywood helps. Having aliens in shows, movies, etc. like Stars Wars, Transformers, & Guardians of the Galaxy is to promote their agenda: to deny God and the Creation history. Another point: the law of gravity. The Knights Templar Sir Isaac Newton is credited with this theory. So I will use it to make a point. If the earth is round wouldn’t a place like Australia, its people, and the water just simply fall off the planet? What’s holding it to the surface? If a person pours water on a ball it does not stick, but drips off of the ball.

Earth in the Bible

Since I’m a Christ follower I will mention the Word of God and the connection to Flat Earth. When Jesus rose from the dead, before He ascended back to heaven, He went beneath the earth to Hades (or Sheol) and gathered His Saints and led them to heaven. Ephesians 4:8-10: “(8) Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. (9) (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? (10) He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.)” Quick bible lesson: to those who are unfamiliar, after the fall of man, when Adam ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, our punishment was death. Man was never ever meant to die. We were made in God’s image so we were meant to live forever like God. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we were powerless to resist the temptation to commit sin or evil without help from God Himself.

Long story short we became sinners and inherited our foreparents’ punishment of death. However, God promised them a Savior Christ Jesus to die for our sins. The death of Christ put to death the curse of sin. When a person accepts Christ as Savior they are redeemed or born again. However, we still must die in these now sinful bodies which God promised us new glorified bodies like His that will be sinless and cleansed. These are for those who are saved. The unsaved will die the second death in Hell. If a person accepts Christ as Savior heaven will be their destination forever with God. The point: before Christ died and rose from the dead, all people went to Hades (or Sheol) which was divided by one side like heaven and the other like Hell. Now that Christ rose, believers now go straight to heaven when we die.

In Ephesian 4:8-10, Christ went beneath the earth to gather His saints and take them to heaven. Remember, the earth is taught to be round not flat. Why does the bible say he went beneath the earth and not to the middle of the earth? Answer: the earth is flat. There’s no earth’s core. That is another lie from the Antichrist Movement. The lava that comes from beneath the earth comes from Hell. The bible describes Hell as a lake of fire. Revelation 20:10, 14-15: “(10) And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (14) And death and hell (Hades) were cast into the lake of fire (Hell). This is the second death. (15) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”


I just wanted to remind all of a volcano eruption and the hot lava which runs like water. Doesn’t this seem to fit a fiery lake described in the Holy scriptures? I would post more scripture but I’ll save that for one of my books I hope to release sometime in 2017.


Below are a few pics of what the earth may actually look like.


download (1)




Isaiah 40:22: “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”

Objects such as a globe or a basketball are round and circular objects. However plates are circular objects without being round. The point here is that skeptics can’t prove that Isaiah 40:22 is referring to a globe shape of earth. The flath earth is a circular shaped world like a plate, but not a round shape of a globe. I must say I don’t hate science. There are some good uses for it. What I’m opposed to are Satanic influenced scientists, owned by the Antichrist Movement, who purposely tell lies about the global earth to deny God and mislead people. The goal of Satan is to guide as many people to Hell with him. To deny God is to deny the only hope of salvation which is what Satan and his Antichrist Movement wants. I wanted to add about earthquakes. Just a slight shift of the earth, people can feel that, but yet don’t feel the earth spinning on its so called axis or the earth revolving around the sun? What I ask is for all to research this matter yourself. I ask my fellow Christ followers to seek Him for wisdom as well as research the matter. Thanks for reading. If you like the post please share with others who you know would be interested. God bless!



The Illuminati tried to Recruit Me!

I did not expect this to happen so soon, but it’s true. What some refer to as the Illuminati has tried to recruit me! I was not going to mention it, but I have received 3 emails from them this year. No I have not joined them, but in case I get too popular and they decide to lie on me, I’d thought I bring it up. It started out as spam. So I thought nothing of it. The last time I had to take notice. I had received contact info in the form of email and phone number as well as a name and what they’d do for me if I joined. Since they worship Satan and I believe in Christ I’m not selling my soul. Not now or ever!

I got a feeling they will continue to try to recruit me and when that fails, they will spread lies saying I joined to try to destroy my character and credibilty. People don’t have to trust me ever, but always research and double check anything I may post to be sure ok. If you believe in Jesus, then praying to Him is always best.

I had to be reminded by a friend that the Antichrist Movement monitor what we research and post online. It made me think of the movie “Seven” starring Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman. I’m thinking of when Freeman mentions that certain library books are flagged like terrorism for example. I’m sure most of you already know this, but when we research Illuminati, or terrorism, or conspiracy theories, or who the real Israelites are, or blood sacrifice, and things related to it, we are monitored by their agencies like the C.I.A., KGB, F.B.I., to name a few. Since my blog has grown, it appears I’ve monitored more closely now. I suspect some of my followers are spies, but can’t prove it. I’m thankful to all of you who have followed, or read my blogs, or shared any of my posts. To those monitoring, go ahead, I have nothing to hide. What I’m hoping is I can have a few C.I.A. type allies in the future or perhaps I can convince you to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. Thanks for reading! God bless!

Update: here’s a nother recent attempt to recruit me. This makes it 4 times this year. A message from an “Agent Antonio”. I doubt the name is real:

“Becoming a Member of the ILLUMINATI. your qualifications are;- Only those who can provide service for themselves, like the Politicians, Musicians, Business Man/Woman, student who earn already are allowed to email Our Portal for Registrations, On no account must you tender our email without a successful process, we grow and famous already made people, wealthy men who need more values and make them more rich and famous, so if you are any of these, and you want to join ILLUMINATI/BROTHERHOOD message our official United State Email address now at-antonio*******
▲Vice-President of Citizen Outreach ▲
Agent Antonio Iam▲”

This message isn’t as detailed as their 3rd attempt. I deleted that one. I just wanted to show you that they are trying to recruit me. Yeah I didn’t want to reveal the entire email of Antonio.

Anti Illuminati Book Coming in Summer of 2016


This post is an announcement of a book I will write that I plan on releasing by the end of 2016! God is leading me to write this book. I have written books before, but not on the Illuminati yet. This will be the first from me. My book will be based on this blog. However, it will be different from my blog posts.

This book has a title, but I won’t reveal it yet. No I’m not superstitious. I don’t believe in or am I a superstitious person. I just don’t want anyone taking my title and using it for their own book. It’s amazing the first book I had intended to write was on the Antichrist Movement which I was calling it the Illuminati back in 2007. I only wrote a few pages then I shelved the idea. I’m glad I did because although I still have much to learn, my book would not have been as good.

To the followers of this blog, there will be things I mentioned here in the book, but with a twist. I will also have new conspiracy theories and facts which I haven’t covered yet. So there will be something in this book even for you to be interested in. I will include pics and bible verses and other things like I do with my blog, but it will be expanded. I will make sure the book won’t be too long. I definitely want this anti Illuminati book to be read.

Some of the topics I will cover: Who the Real Israelites are, Who the Jews really are, Illuminati Gay Agenda, Blood Sacrifice, Organized Crime, Hollywood, and some new material with plenty of jaw dropping surprises. I won’t say what they are yet, but stay tuned. I haven’t started yet, but when I do, the ideas will just keep flowing. You better believe I’ll discuss Obama. There are plenty of books on the Illuminati out there, but mine will be different.

I’ve added a Mail Chimp popup because I want to start an email list for those of you who would be interested in reading my anti illuminati book. I’ll make the Ebook version available to you for free when the book is released, provided I get honest reviews at your favorite retailer or your blog if you have one. This is why I want you to subscribe to my email list so I can keep track. I also hope to have a few giveaways for the paperback version, but that will be limited.

This book will be a game changer so stay tuned!


Bible Study Lessons: Tough Lessons from the Bible


If anyone is new to this blog, I also write books. Hopefully there will be more in the future. While this book on bible study books doesn’t talk about the Illuminati directly, it is the kind of book the people from the Antichrist Movement don’t want you to read. Why? This book covers topics like gay marriage, abortion, Christmas, and false prophets, just to name a few. This book is available online @ Amazon. There are a few links mentioned at the end of this book. The goal of this book is to give a more accurate teaching on certain issues, while using bible scripture. It’s to help with bible study lessons for believers and give unbelievers a view of the real Jesus and His Word, not the watered down version the Illuminati and their televangelists are presenting. This book even speaks against evolution, an NWO false teaching. If you, or a Christ follower you know, or a minister, or non Christian, or whoever, might be interested in reading click on any of the links below.

Is God Real? Is Jesus the Son of God? Is hell real? Is there life after death? What does the bible say about gay marriage? What does the bible say about abortion? Should we Christians teach children to celebrate Christmas? Is Santa and Satan one in the same? Is suicide forgiven by God? Does evolution contradict the bible? In “Tough Lessons from the Bible,” you will find out the answers to those questions and more. Mack uses bible scripture to discuss certain controversial topics within the Christian Church. If you want to be able to identify a false prophet, this book will help you. If you want to know why evolution mocks the bible then get this book. If you are anti abortion or against gay marriage, then this is the right book for you. Just read this book along with your bible to help gain spiritual growth. The goal of this book is to get believers of Christ to get a better focus on God’s Word. This way Christians can be better equipped and have a deeper understanding of the bible. Mack is showing the world as a whole certain things that we Christians should not be supporting or engaging in. This book encourages Christians to study the bible more to gain wisdom in biblical teaching! From now until September 16th this Ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited: 

This book is available as a paperback and as an eBook online in many locations.



If you know someone who will read this, share this post and info with them.

Planned Parenthood Abortion!


Warning: there are a few graphic images of dead babies.


Before I start, it may seem like I’m breaking the norm, but Abortion is one of many things the Antichrist Movement love to promote. Many people reading this post will not agree. I maybe perhaps in the minority, but I wanted to speak on this matter. Abortion kills children is the truth and why I wanted to title this post that. I am speaking for the “people” who don’t have a choice in this matter: the unborn children. I wrote about this in my book “Tough Lessons from the Bible” which a link will be posted at the end of this message. People are entitled to have their own thoughts and views toward this subject. However, I’m speaking from a biblical perspective so I will show you what God’s Word has to say. Besides, people are arguing over “choice” and not one us who are alive had a “choice” in being born. That decision was in the hands of our parents.

God’s Word on Abortion

I love Jesus first and foremost. He saved me from my sins. I am far from perfect, but God showed me grace and mercy and He can do that for you too if you let Him in your heart and life. With that said, I wanted to share what the bible has to say on abortion. Proverbs 6:16-19: (16) These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: (17) A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, (18) An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, (19) A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” I want you to focus mainly on Proverbs 6:17 and the phrase “hands that shed innocent blood”. Question: is not a baby innocent? This verse isn’t only talking about unborn babies, but anyone who is killed and is innocent. Since babies are not “guilty” of anything this definitely includes them too.

The Unborn Child has no Choice

People can debate all they want about the woman’s “right” to choose to have an abortion. God does give everyone freewill to make the right or wrong choice. However, there are consequences for making the wrong choice(s). As I stated earlier, I’m speaking for the unborn babies who have no choice. Are babies not a people? Don’t they have rights? No they don’t. A child’s life is dependent upon his/her parents, particularly the woman since she is giving birth. No one can debate whether an unborn child decides whether they are born or not because that’s decision is left out of their hands. Sometimes in life, a person’s life depends on the choice(s) made by someone else. Example, think about when a person decides to drive drunk, other people are at their mercy because of that person’s decision to drive drunk. Think about how many lives have been and continues to be lost because someone decides to get drunk then drive. I once drove drunk but thank God nothing happened. Another time I drove recklessly while speeding and sober, I unfortunately I caused an accident, no one was killed. I think about it from time to time. God spared me and the person I hit. Because of my bad decision, someone could’ve lost their life. Or how when someone decides to rob a bank or convenience store at gunpoint? See this is my point. How is abortion any different? Someone dies after an abortion. Just because it’s done in a clinic, it doesn’t make it humane. Murder is the act of ending someone’s life against their will. Doesn’t that fit with abortion? To me that’s how I view abortion, like a reckless drunk driver. It’s a decision made without care of the consequences of what happens to the child. It’s an impulse decision.

(I speak for the voiceless.)

(What about their right to live?)

(No one chooses to be aborted.)

Abortion is Unhealthy

Before I go on, people will want to remind me of victims of rape, incest, and women with health concerns. I won’t address it in this post. I did, however, address it in my book which you can read if you like. What I’m addressing is the overwhelming people who have abortions: those who discard a child like yesterday’s trash. What I mean is most people have abortions because they can. Abortions can be a health risk. What? Yes an abortion can be dangerous. Check out this link:

This link is from the Department of Health & Hospitals in Louisiana. I want to mention sometimes women who have had abortions can’t have children later on. They say that the risks are low. Some of the possible health concerns include: pelvic infection, incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, not being able to have kids later on, and son on. This link even covers possible health concerns to women who do want to give birth. The concerns are low. The point is whether a woman gives birth or have an abortion, there’s always a potential health concern. To people who have or support abortions, you could abstain from sex until you are married. This way you don’t ever have to make any decisions about an abortion at all or anymore. I’m not being mean just a suggestion.

Planned Parenthood

People must realize that Planned Parenthood is connected to the NWO. Well any government organization. Margaret Sanger who is credited with the birth control movement, also founded Planned Parenthood. While they seem to be about healthcare, actually they are not. One of the reasons they push for abortion is to harvest the organs. Just check out this undercover video of a high level executive of Planned Parenthood Dr. Deborah Nucatola who discusses the selling of organs from a fetus.

So understand this, they convince women to pay them to kill their own children and make even more money off of their children’s body parts? Yes one of the reasons the Illuminati Planned Parenthood want prochoice is for body parts. Selling organs is profitable. Remember this: God gives everyone freewill. Satan knows this. So what better way for Satan to convince someone to kill their child, a sin, is to get them to choose so by their own freewill. Their goal is more than birth control, but population control. Hypothetically speaking: if there are a 100,000 abortions performed per year, think about the decrease in population. While they are subtle in convincing the world to support abortion by supporting Planned Parenthood, their true nature is sinister. Margaret Sanger even said “No more babies”. Check out this vid in her own words:

Or check out this interview of Sanger with Mike Wallace:

Just listen to Sanger’s ideals on population control and other things. We can debate on this whether pro choice or pro life, or when life starts, or it’s a woman’s right, or her choice, her body, or whatever. What can’t be debated is the child can’t choose life or abortion, plus they are selling baby parts and profiting off of pro choice. So how does it feel they are making money off of you? Think about it!


Before I go, I want to mention that although I don’t agree or support abortion, I don’t condone bombing abortion clinics either. I wrote about that in my book as well. It’s not a Christian or non Christian right to judge in a condemning way. Only God has that right. A Christ follower can judge righteously, or tell the truth. John 7:24: “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” The point here is just like people who attack abortion clinics are playing God, so are the people who choose to have the abortions and the people who support and perform abortions. I suggest to the people who don’t condone abortion, peaceful protests, not violence. If you believe in Christ, witness and talk to those who are considering an abortion. We can warn them and if they decide to have an abortion, pray that Christ have mercy on them as well as those who have already had an abortion. God can and will forgive them if they ask Him. There are people who have had abortions and live with extreme guilt and regret. Here’s a video of women who regretted an abortion:

There’s a more sinister side to abortion. What do they do with the dead baby? Well for starters they harvest the stem cells which I believe is sick and twisted. Harvesting baby organs? Yes they harvest the baby’s organs too! Some of this is not in my book. The Illuminati (Antichrist Movement) led by Satan, has convinced the world to perform abortions which goes against God. What I did write in my book is that abortion is derived from human sacrifice. So please check out my book for more on abortion and other controversial topics like gay marriage, the pagan history Christmas, and how God created man. Thanks for reading, God bless!

About My Book:

Although I don’t use the phrase Illuminati in my book, I do mention one world government. More importantly, my book is the kind of book which goes against the Illuminati. My book covers topics like gay marriage, abortion, Christmas, evolution to name a few. While the Antichrist Movement promotes things like gay marriage and abortion, my book speaks against it using bible scripture. Also the book was written to give Christians and non Christian alike a more honest view of Jesus Christ and the bible. The Illuminati actually has control and influence over the Christian Church. They control the Catholic Church which in turn controls all the denominations. There are not suppose to be any denominations. The churches are usually funded by the government but worse than that, churches today give a false or watered down view of Christ. While my book does not cover the bible, it does explain certain things within the bible which most pastors unfortunately won’t preach. I’d know this as I’ve grown up in the church. Yes I’m a believer of Christ. All I’m about is the truth.


On Kindle:

Amazon Paperback: 

Thanks For Following!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for following my blog. I had no idea I had over 2,000 followers. I must admit it has been a year and I’m still learning the ropes when it comes to blogging and even managing a blog. So please bear with me. I just recently made a few updates to my page which I hope it makes it easier for people to follow my blog, read my feeds, and see my twitter page. For you to follow this blog, I appreciate it.

I assume some of my followers here are not believers of Jesus. I appreciate you especially for following. Jesus is God and He’s the one whom the Illuminati truly hate which is why I call it the “Antichrist Movement”. So I ask to get to know Him for yourself. God is awesome. To my fellow Christian brethren, seek Jesus more than ever thru prayer, fasting, and daily bible reading. We are in the last days, so we must be willing to witness to unbelievers and be loving and encouraging to everybody.

To all my followers, I ask that you share my blog, or whatever post(s) you like with other bloggers, sites, family, friends, or whomever you think would be interested. Also, could you share my feed to wherever possible. Either one or the other is fine. If you have shared, then thank you.

Before I close, I know people have called you names like crazy or worse because you chose to seek truth and many are blinded by Satan and his Illuminati. I can relate. I say stay encouraged and be of good cheer ok? Pray for the naysayers as well. I also wanted to say that don’t think you can’t make a difference. You do have power and knowledge and if you believe in Jesus, then you have power, knowledge, and wisdom in knowing the truth. “The truth shall make you free” and this is what the Antichrist Movement (Illuminati) is afraid of. They want us to stay asleep by dividing us with race (racial tension), religion, lies, media, sports, entertainment, adult entertainment, celebrity worship, politics, and so on. There’s more of us than them. If everyone were all awake and knew the truth, what would happen? United we’d stand and in trouble they’d be. Thanks once again. God bless and have a nice day!