Illuminati Secrets Revealed Vol. 1: How The Illuminati Uses Rap Music

How The Illuminati Uses Rap Music

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I’ve been busy with mainly finishing my eBook: “Illuminati Secrets Revealed Vol. 1: How The Illuminati Uses Rap Music”. My eBook is now free on Kindle thru Thursday Dec. 14th. It exposes how the Illuminati uses rap music to attack and distract the masses from the one world government that’s coming. This book will be the 1st in a series against the Illuminati with my unique take thrown in. Get the book free now. Once Thursday the 14th is over, the eBook goes back to $2.99. What are certain things to expect in this book?

How The Music Industry Affects People

My book will go in depth on literally how rap music affects people in a negative way. Do you ever wonder why a song may get stuck in your mind? Well I explain the reasoning for this.

Homosexual Agenda Includes Hip-Hop

Why are rappers wearing dresses and other women’s apparel? Are there gay rappers? Is homosexuality prevalent in hip-hop? In this section of the book, you will be blown away at what I reveal and there are even lyrics said by the biggest names in hip-hop that are undoubtedly homosexual. Just look at Kanye’s leather dress pic above as part of the proof.

Replaced Rappers

What do I mean by replaced rappers? Rappers who have been killed and replaced with a lookalike or some sort of a clone. Is the Illuminati doing this? Yes! Find out more in my book.

Gospel Rap Artists Owned By The Illuminati

Lecrae is a popular artist these days. He claims to be a servant of Christ. Is he really? No! Read my book to find out why he and other gospel rap artists are actually devil worshippers in disguise. Yes I have proof whether it is lyrics, pics, and other things we have not noticed. Like in the above pic, Lecrae is doing a couple of satanic gestures with his hands and body posture. I explain this in my book.

Blood Sacrifices

If you don’t think human sacrifices don’t happen? Think again. What is abortion? Yes not only with abortion, but in the entertainment industry as well. Rappers are included too. My book is explosive and I’m not holding back. I do highlight some blood sacrifices of prominent rappers. When a person sells their soul to Satan, blood sacrifices are always required.

Other Conspiracies On Rap Artists

In this section you’ll find out other conspiracies like how 2Pac was not a real thug, or how he was not anti Illuminati, or how he was really gay, as well as other conspiracies.

Antichrist Lyrics And Satanic Symbolism

Here is where I break down rappers blaspheming God, mocking God, and flat out admitting their devil worship. It’s very revealing indeed. Well I appreciate all of you who are following my blog and I hope to get back to posting more often. Below is a pic of the book cover and you can click it to view it. It’s free the next couple of days, but if you read this after Dec. 14th, it’s only $2.99. Mya God bless all of you.


Possible Anti-Illuminati Book Covers!

Anti-Illuminati Book Covers!

Hello People, Sorry I have been busy trying to build up subscribers to my Youtube channel which is an extension of my blog. I hope to soon get back to posting more consistently here. If you haven’t checked my channel, here’s the link:

As for my book, a possible title is “Illuminati Secrets Revealed Vol. 1”, but I may change the title or add to the title. I have been working slowly, but surely I am making progress on the book. I hope to release it at the end of summer or fall of 2017. I have been working on possible book covers. Perhaps all of you can give me feedback & comment on which cover you like the best.

Possible Cover #1


Possible Cover #2


Possible Cover #3


Possible Cover #4


Possible Cover #5


Possible Cover #6


Possible Cover #7

So I welcome comments and thoughts, which cover you like or if you don’t like any of them. This book will be a game changer in the conspiracy theory world. I thank you for reading this post. Remember no one is stronger than the God of Israel. God bless!