Is Dave Chappelle Dead and Cloned?


Is Dave Chappelle dead? Has he been replaced? I hope to prove it, but if not at least cast a doubt into your minds. The comedian, actor, and star of his sketch comedy show “Chappelle’s Show” which was brief, but legendary. The star has been under conspiracy theories about being replaced. Let’s compare the old Dave with the more muscular Dave.

    (Old Dave)


     (Meet New Dave)

Wow! He looks like he’s on HGH or something. When did he start caring about his physique?

The Offer from Comedy Central

There was a 2-yr $50 Million dollar contract extension from Comedy Central to Dave Chapelle in 2004. He not only turned down the offer, but went to Africa? It was a move that stunned the world, including me, who was aware of the Illuminati til 2007. There was all kinds of rumors, from the Illuminati media, about Dave from him being crazy to on drugs. He made an appearance on Inside the Actors Studio to sort of address some of this.

 (Dave discussing Hollywood)

Dave was in front of a crowd of acting students. While he would not go into details about the Illuminati, he does mention certain things. Here’s a video clip of some of what he discussed. Video posted by: KingLeo301


In this clip he discusses the blood sacrifice of his dad and how he was having trouble handling it. He uses the phrase death, but Dave sold his sold to Satan like other celebs. That’s how he blew up sooooo fast and had a hit TV show. Did he have second thoughts? Perhaps that’s why he wanted out, but he learned that there’s no way out except one. I’m not sure if he ever learned the only way out is through Jesus Christ. Many people think he didn’t sell his soul. Yes he did. I can only speculate as to what they wanted from Dave. Did they want him to commit pedophilia? Did they want him to make more blood sacrifices like his wife? children? or other relatives? Whatever they wanted, it had Dave fearing for his life.

Dave on Oprah

Mr. Chappelle made an appearance on Oprah’s show and was still not relenting on his stance of returning to Hollywood. Here’s a clip of some of his thoughts. Video posted by: TalkBLACAtl



This is what I believe is his last interview before being replaced with some sort of robotoid or double. Dave was someone who was adamant in not coming back to Hollywood. Oprah being an Illuminati puppet is not concerned or in agreement. If you watch her expressions and attitude towards Dave she is surprise at what he’s saying and trying to get him to recommit. Since it didn’t work, Hollywood killed him and replaced him with a clone who is on HGH I guess and is not as funny. It’s the same thing they did with Martin Lawrence & Eddie Murphy, replacing them with less talented clones. The whole interview with him on Oprah is on YouTube.

Here’s a vid with how robotoids function. Video posted by: The Underground Resistance Network.



The man known as Dave Chappelle is dead and replaced. People compare any new material to the old Dave & you will see for yourself. He’s lifeless and less funny. The old Dave was a natural at being funny. Besides he was not coming back to Hollywood. Remember, he turned down money. So why the sudden change of heart? It’s because it’s not him. Here’s a reminder of Dave not coming back. Video posted by: Truthtalk Man.


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Eminem Dead and Replaced with Double?

Intro Video

Here’s a brief intro/summation of what you will read below on Eminem is dead:


eminem1999 R.I.P. to Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem (1972-2005? or 2006?). Before I explain, no I’m not crazy or have I lost my mind although some will think otherwise. Simply put I no longer see the world through my eyes. Thanks to Jesus, I see the world through God’s eyes. I pray that the Holy Ghost opens the eyes to all Christians so we can see the world through God’s eyes and not our own. Our (mankind) sin natures and Satan has blinded our eyes to the truth. Satan has no power over Jesus, so seeing the world through His eyes is what I desire for all people, not just Christians because Jesus is perfect and all-powerful. Anyways back to my point. The man known as Eminem is dead. The guy claiming to be Eminem is a double, look alike, imposter, impersonator, or whatever. Why do I say this? Keep reading….. Remember when the rumor came out that rapper Craig G wrote all the “battle raps” in 8 Mile? Hollywood hurried up and said that he wrote some of the raps, but not Em’s. Truth is Craig G wrote all the battle raps including Eminem’s because the fake Eminem starred in 8 Mile, not the real one. It was the real Em’s songs for the movie soundtrack. Also the fake Eminem did the videos for other songs “Like Toy Soldiers” and “How Come” for example while Eminem was still alive. Remember skinnier head and no piercings. Why do I also say Em is dead?

Rapper Lil Wayne tweeted this message 2 years ago: “R.i.p. Rabbit” Don’t believe me? Here’s the link to the tweet: Why would Wayne tweet that with no explanation to his followers on Twitter? People claim it’s a tweet honoring his stepdad Rabbit. It could’ve been. What if it’s not? Also rapper Canibus in the song “Dead by Design” (2010) said this line: “What are you going to do when they (the Illuminati) murder me on some Eminem and L s***?” This was not a diss song. That’s the only time Eminem is mentioned. Now some may speculate the other rapper Canibus mentioned is LL Cool J when he says “L” in that line. He could’ve been. If that’s the case, then I maybe wrong since LL Cool J is still alive and not replaced, as far as I know. However I believe that Canibus was talking about Big L, a Harlem rapper, killed in 1999. It is believed that he was a blood sacrifice for Cam’ron. The story they (the Illuminati) spun is that L died over street beef. If I am correct, why is Canibus mentioning Eminem in a line in which he’s talking about a dead rapper? Canibus is talking about the Illuminati and Hollywood in this song. Here’s link to song:

Remember Eminem loved his daughter Hailie Jade. Why are there no recent pics of the 2 of them together? Google it, search the web, pics of Em and his daughter are old. Hailie is 18 now! By the way, in the song Airplanes pt II, Eminem is not rapping in the 3rd person about himself….he’s dead. Instead it’s the fake Em rapping about the real Em in past tense. Go listen and pay attention to the lyrics. Just because he’s rapping faster now don’t mean the lyrics are better than before. They are not. He’s pretty good, but not better than Marshall. So when did Eminem die? He died in either in 2005 or 2006 is my guess. Has anyone heard of “Public enemy #1”? It was on Em’s The Re-Up released in 2006. He has a bunch of features on the album. My point is in the song he’s talking about his impending disappearance and murder. He mentions in the song that the FBI will remove his files. Check it out it’s a weird song. Link: 

Also on the LP listen to “No Apologies” which sounds like a goodbye song. In the song he mentions he will be assassinated. In the 3rd verse he mentions how the fake Eminem will have mastered his skills and replaced Em after he’s killed. Link: 

Also in the song, you can hear the fake Eminem rapping after the real Em’s 3rd verse! In the song “Evil Twin” you can hear 2 Eminems. emnopierce                  imagesHLMOMD9V

In the 2 pics above, it’s the fake Eminem. He tried the blonde look, but couldn’t get it as blonde as the original Marshall Mathers, so the Illuminati scrapped the look for him.

Before I go, take a look at the very popular “Lose Yourself” video from the 8 Mile Movie soundtrack. It’s the original Eminem’s voice and lyrics. However, the double is in most of the video. Check out the last verse, all of a sudden the “real Eminem” is seen rapping with his blonde hair, chubby face, smaller chin, earrings, etc.; things that the “fake Eminem” don’t have. The fake Eminem has a skinnier face, bigger chin, and no ear piercings.

Update: apparently YouTube had removed this video from my blog. I don’t get paid for this blog so I have not violated any copyright laws. Am I telling the truth? Why remove this vid? Also there’s some cryptic lyrics on the song “Bad Guy” from the fake Em’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 which was brought to my attention. Here’s the link to the song with lyrics:

I will start first with the end of the song. At the end of this song, Matthew Mitchell, fake Em’s real name, says “As we pick up where the last Marshall left off”. To a naive Eminem fan, it’s just a lyric. With Hollywood they don’t just do things as a coincidence, they have a purpose. Since the Illuminati controls Hollywood, music industry, and the entertainment industry worldwide, they put satanic messages and rituals in their music and so on. They disguise it as entertainment. Back to this song. He also says “Eminem killed by M&M, Matthew Mitchell, b**** I even have your initials”. Why say this? This is the Illuminati’s way of telling a hidden truth, but since it’s disguised as “entertainment” people will ignore it and dismiss it. Whether this Matthew Mitchell actually killed him or not is debatable. I wouldn’t be surprised though. This whole album seems like a “diss” to the real Eminem who is deceased. Just check out the lyrics for yourself. I expect YouTube to remove this vid too. They want Em fans to stay blind to the truth. There will be skeptics who’ll say “Matthew Mitchell is the litter brother of Stan, so it’s a character”. You maybe right. What if I’m right? Remember in the song Stan there were no mentions of a last name unlike Eminem’s “Ken Kaniff” character he made up on earlier albums. So why a last name now?

The Illuminati and their media love to lie to the masses. Most of America and the world still believe the twin towers were hit by planes or the Jews are the Israelites. Neither of which is true. By the way, this isn’t the first time a “double” used his real name while posing as a dead celeb. The fake Paul McCartney, William “Billy” Shears has done this for years. Research this matter for yourself. Be sure to check out my eBook which exposes how the Illuminati uses rap music to promote agendas like homosexuality and other things, including more on Eminem:

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