9/11 Revisited Video

9/11 Conspiracy


Watch the premiere of my latest YouTube video “9/11 Revisited: My Thoughts Then And Now” tonite @ 10 pm eastern as a reminder of the 9/11 anniversary. This video will include my thoughts of how I felt at the time as well as now. You will also get a few conspiracy facts, plus near the end a short clip of the original news footage, before the CGI planes were added. Be sure to click the link to watch the video. If you miss it @ 10pm, you still can click the link to watch.

Also to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary, I’m selling “NEVA 4GET 9/11” shirts with all the proceeds going to charity. So please check out the shirts and buy one or 2. The money is going to a worthy cause:

560 (4)

Link: https://teespring.com/neva4get911?NEVA4GET#pid=2&cid=2122&sid=front

560 (5)

Link: https://teespring.com/neva-4get-9-11-apparel?NEVA4GET

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